Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Timer

We all just can't bear the wait till Chinese New Year for our first trip to one of the kelongs near Sibu Island. So last Sunday we all had the first taste of kelong fishing at Sibu except for Mr.Jay who knew the kelongs at the back of his hands.

Saturday afternoon, Mr.Jay, Mr.Din and me met up at Beach Road to buy all the needed items for the trip. Mr.Din bought a seven buck rod for tamban jigging and some other stuff. Mr.Jay bought few tamban rigs and I bought two prawn lure for squid jigging.

Sunday 3 am, Mr Din ring me up and he was on his way to his parent's place. Lucky enough for this trip Mr.Din's father allowed us to use his car. About half and hour later I met Mr.Din and his wife with his father instructing me what are "do's & dont's" of the aged but well maintained Nissan Sunny.

So off we went to fetch Mr.Dem and straight to Changi Village to get some live prawns but were sold out. Settled for an early breakfast before fetching Mr.Jay at Hougang. We crossed the causeway at about 5.45 am with smooth traffic to JB. Went back to JB town to change Ringgits.

Road to Mersing from JB have totally changed a lot. With new landmarks sprouting along the way, made me a little confuse. Journey was smooth with light traffic heading either way and the early morning scenery was spectacular.

Reached Tanjung Leman jetty at about 8 am. Park and double checked the car was probably locked, while waiting for the boat might as well we have some breakfast. Nasi lemak at the jetty was great. Met up with very friendly anglers from Malacca and heading to the same kelong as we are. By looking at their gears and individual coolers, they really mean business.

Paid out jetty tax which is RM5 per head and the excitement begins. Lucky enough winds were not strong but still with the diesel-powered boat, the journey was a bit choppy at times. It took about 30 minutes from the jetty to the kelong. By looking at a soccer size field kelong from far, talking to myself... so this is the place that Mr.Jay and others have been talking about.

One must have good balance when trying to jump from the boat to the kelong if the water is choppy. Our bags, coolers and fishing gears were carried up by the kelong operators and we were told to wait for bunkers since there were not prepared.

As a seasoned kelong goer, Mr.Jay showed us around, telling us where were the best spot to fish. Mr.Din and Mr.Dem could not resist the wait and was already hooking up smallies behind the kitchen area. I too just can't wait and fetched my new Aegis rod coupled with my Shimano Sienna 2500, using tamban rig and off jigging the smallies which were mostly Mempinang (Pink Ear Emperor), Dingkis (Rabbit Fish) and Kunyit (Miss Wong).

Biting rate is just superb and after an hour fishing, I start to get bored hooking up smallies. Decide to cast out to the open sea from behind the kitchen and hooked up more palm-sized Mempinangs. Tragedy struck when I left my rod with the rig just below the water surface. My new rod suddenly bend like a letter U and just a few seconds of holding the rod... "Prraakkkk!!!!" It broke at two places, 5cm from the tip and just above the joining part of the upper part of the rod. And there goes my birthday present from my wife.

Lunch was at 12 noon with steamed sea bass, butter prawns, veggie and soup. After lunch I joined the rest of the kakis at the bunker side. Mr.Dem and Mr.Din busy reeling in Remora after remoras. This "BATA" known to the other anglers because of it's rubber sole like body parts seems fond of Mr.Dem's rig. His been hooking up 4 of these "BATAs" but at last he hooked up a decent size grouper. I hooked up a barraccuda later on.

Dinner was at 5 pm with soya sauce duck, fried fish, veggie and soup. Sunset was breathtaking from the kelong and during this time we all were busy hooking up Tamban, Kembongs and Selars.

After shower all of us relax at the bunker before we were called for supper. Just have some red bean soup and off fishing again. Mr.Din tried squid jigging and hook up one. Mr.Dem trying luring with his new bought lure. Mr.Jay trying to hook up selar with my Shimano Schimtar and I, hooking up the fresh squid that Mr.Din caught and cast it out using Mr.Jay's battered set up.

As I was busy cleaning up the catches, I saw Mr.Jay's rod nodding and quickly grab it. When reeling in, saying to myself please not those BATAs again. Lucky enough a plate-sized Sagai (Trevally). An hour later another hooked up from Mr.Jay's rod and this time I had a hard time reeling in when the fish tried to swim under the kelong but managed to bring it up and surprisingly it was a Bamboo Shark.

About midnite, I just can't handle it anymore and straight to the bunker to sleep. 5.30 am woke up to go the toilet and decide to fish again. This time is the best for fishing, only four anglers seeing fishing. Cast out my Shimano and hooked in a lot of Kekeks (Ponyfish) and few Selar Papans.

9 am we were all ready to go back to mainland with 7 minutes ride from the kelong to the jetty using speed boat.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting Burn & Black

Wishing to all Brothers of Fishing a Happy 2010.

On the new year itself, went for a family picnic at Pasir Ris. Brought along my gear in case got the itch to fish.

After setting the makeshift tent and settling with a plate of nasi lemak, I set up my gear and cast out. Tide was getting low. After a few cast and changing of bait a tiny ray takes the bait.

Saturday morning, I went down to East Coast around McDonalds to join the "Ladies" fishing. Set and cast out with no action at all. My wife cousin hook up two plate-size ray. Fishing with no regular kakis was really odd for me. Went home about 3.00 pm.

Went no fish bites, this what normally I do...

My Loomis President with Tica 10000

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fishing In The Rain

Last Saturday trip was a wet one. No chance of running to the shelter because we were fishing from the waterbreaker. The only saviour from getting soaking wet is the yellow thingy at the end of the waterbreaker. Me and Mr.Sam's brother taking cover behind the huge yellow thingy. At least both of us were not so soaked like Mr.Dem and Mr.Sam. Both of them taking refuge with thin disposable poncho raincoat.

Before the heavy rain, most of them were hooking smallies. After setting up and cast out my 10 footer, I went down to the edge of the waterbreaker and try luring. Got tired after about 30+ cast. Never in my fishing history I hook up fish from luring. Still learning what lure to use. I will be a happy man if one day I hook up fish by luring.

Warning from the golf course nearby telling the golfers to stop cause heavy rain and lightning

Feeding frenzy when the rain stop slightly. Mr.Dem got a palm size sicklefish, Mr.Sam got a needlefish (todak), I hook up a small grouper and a flathead (baji baji). Mr.Sam's brother got a toadfish (tekuk) and few smallies.

We left around 5.30.

Mr.Dem and Mr.Sam taking cover

Me with my flathead

Mr.Sam with his needlefish

Our total catch

Monday, December 14, 2009

Still ZERO!

It seems that my fishing outing in the ending days of 2009 did not produce good results. And again my weekend outing produced another ZERO catch.

After deciding Pasir Ris Camp as our spot for the day, I met Mr.Dem at junction towards Pasir Ris Camp while Mr.Sam will join us shortly.

The path along the camp's fence look neater. Bushes were cleared up to the small stream making it less spooky when passing along the path.

Reached the spot around 1.30 pm with not even a single angler around the area with tide is getting low. Chose our favorite spot, set up our gear and cast out with pon pon sarong that Mr.Dem bought at Changi earlier as baits. Notice that end of the year strong winds made our cast a little shorter than normal and making it more frustrated were the choppy waters that make the rod nods as if fish were biting.

After half and hour's wait, there's no bite at all. Decide to share my lunch with Mr.Dem. Few hours later still no a single twitch on both of my rod.

From 1.30 pm till 7 pm, three of us were bored to death. The outing compliments Mr.Dem with two eels which were released back to sea.

Mr.Dem with the new art of fishing.

Our tea break!


Reached home, clean up my reels and straight to..... zzzzzzzzzzz

My cat guarding my reels while I doze off.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Double Outing

Last Saturday went for a double. In the morning, went fishing around Changi Sailing Club and also tried along the beach from Changi jetty up to Sailing Club.

This time the outing is more like a family affair fishing. Reached the spot around 9 am after buying breakfast, drinks and two packets of pon pon sarung.

After setting up my gear, I decided to have my breakfast. After two to three scoops of nasi lemak went down to my bulging tummy, I saw my rod nod. Check it out and reel in with the most hated fish... the striped eel-tail catfish (Usat).

The rest of the guys decide to change to another spot, about 200 meters further up towards Changi Sailing Club. The spot was responsive, with bites every few minutes but it just won't hook up.

It was a zero catch for me but the rest managed to hooked a small ray and some small fish.

The best thing to do if there's no bite!

My father in law with a small grouper.

Mr.Sam with his blukang!
Then we all decided to change to the previous spot after the biting rate was nearly zero.

And again a big fat zero!

Went home around 4 pm. At midnight Mr.Jay sms me, asking how's the morning result and persuade me to join him for a night outing at Pasir Ris. Met him at the petrol kiosk around Pasir Ris, bought drinks and batteries for the torch light and straight to the beach.

There few anglers, but it seems so quite. Set up our gear and cast. Mr.Jay was buzy entertaining the most hated fish which both of his hook were hooked with the striped eel-tail.

For me, still nothing! Went home at 7.30 am.

Mr.Jay checking his rig in the early morning.